Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Harem

A few weeks ago my dear Friend Jet Salcedo presented his designs in Iloilo I was really happy to see photos during his presentation and I wished I was there to clap clap clap but since I'm here in the Capital city All I can do was write a note to congratulate Him... what made me salivate was the sight of harem pants in his collection LOLs I was never inside a pair of Harem pants in my entire life though I own a few they just stay inside the closet.. I was a bit inspired so Today I went out to have some photos taken... 

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Ganda! ikaw na talaga teh! Gusto ko yong aeroplane pillow sa ulo mo! ahahah' but ey! bagay sau ang harem pants! =)

LOL sabi nga photgrapher para daw akong si Mickey mouse LOLs thanks gands kalerks lang

el matador, ikaw ba yan? hehehe. kidding!
i love your jacket and your harem pants. bagay na bagay!

LOL it reminds me of a Spanish Matador too hahaha where's the Bull?

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