Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Page Rank Checker

Bloggers we all know that our page rank is very important. Every single visitor in our blogs are very important every links and every websites linked to us are all very important... My blog rely more on search engine bots to get discovered and a few weeks ago I just realized that my Page Rank is '0' zero. I did not have a heart attack though it struck me that I have been blogging my ass for 3 years and all I get is Zero? hahaha I went back to the study table and did a bit of research on how to increase my page rank... Well the easiest part for me as a newbie is actually to build links. I went on Blog hopping and communicated with other bloggers if we could atleast exchange links... I post a link of there blog in my pages and they post my link in their's.. It really Worked! The secret is not to be shy to drop comments here and there we all love comments and we don't have to just blog about us sometimes we need to go out there and blog about others too. 

I always take time to write something about a blog post that I read. There are a lot of interesting Blogs around here and I always make sure I say Hi or hello to the author... I am so Glad that when I came back to check my page rank I gained authority 2/10 wow it's not easy you know 
Page Rank here's a site where you can Check on your PR.

check your page Rank Instantly with this tool it's for free:

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Page Rank Checker - A free tool to check the page rank of any web site easily, without the need to install Google toolbar. This tool also allows you to display the page rank value of your web site right on your web pages.

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Hi Jogels :)This is a great post:) I really like what you wrote here. It sounds very genuine and generous. You seem very supportive to other bloggers too. I think you have been blogging for quite awhile? I am new to blogging, I just started in July and I'm starting to love it :) Perhaps we could link exchange sometime if you are interested. :) Let me know! :)
Marj Travel Experiences

Congrats on the PR2. Try also experimenting with keywords in your blog posts. Malakas ang hatak niyan sa Google search.

Thanks for the advice Z I tried it once I still don't understand a few things but I'm learning LOLs I want to play with keywords

Congratulations on PR2! Yey!

Page rank checker tool is need for SEO. Your resource is nice and idea also.

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