Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Away for two Weeks

Hello Universe hello Primates!

I have been away for a while I missed my Blogs I missed fashion weeks New York and London :-( I was a bit busy selling cosmetics but believe me I am always thinking about my beloved readers here.. For the last 14 days there's a lot of things a lot of news that I failed to share with you guys First I discovered a new way to kick my baby fats away, I did not go to the fitness studios whatever I just did my laundry bag exercise LOL I lift my laundry bag a few times everyday and it really works two more weeks and we will see some visible results. I don't freaking dream of muscles, I will not look regal on bulging Muscles all I need is a firm and flat toned silk satin body chos!.

Another thing that kept me sleepless is a travel proposal from Andre to my Ultimate dream destination that is Bora-Bora island in French Polynesia. I was hysterical the night he emailed me but after the excitement reality took over,  It's crazy the planned trip is on the first week of November and to think that I have a Philippine passport means I need to apply for a VISA, to almost all my dream destinations Filipinos having an ordinary passport needs a VISA LOL I really appreciate Andre's efforts but I can't help myself from getting nervous.. Maybe I am scared to go to the embassy and declare that "Hey! here's me an unemployed creature going to enter your Territory, the most expensive island in the world, the Cadillac of paradises at that" LOL I am also very concerned about the time I have to spend processing this, I can't find Filipinos who can even give me enough info about entering BoraBora, well I know someone who visited Borabora but she's a Filpino working in a Cruise ship not a tourist :-(

I want to be there ofcourse I have been dreaming of it since 2009 when bf told me he wants to go there with me, well 2009 he went there without me I was in Maldives, LOL I will try to run for BoraBora though I have this bad feeling that if my application is denied the event will destroy me seriously I have this problem with rejection hahaha

Another event this past week was my second visit to the beads capital of Manila I got hold of some beads and made ten bracelets LOL check them out.

 I'm kind of obsessed with my partner's Name. LOL I just thought making bracelets with my name on it is kind of narcissistic. so I went on with "A-N-D-D-R-E" 10 times around my wrist. hahaha

I am also happy that I am getting guest writers now I love the thought that there are people who wants to share their thoughts to the world using my Blog everybody is welcome to join me here please check my contact page  and cotact me we'll go from there. 

Love you all <3 <3 <3

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Hey Gands, I hope your appointment with the embassy went well. I am sure you'll be rolling in the sands of Bora Bora soon lols.

Gora ka muna PP before you go to French Polynesia so we'd meet =)


wow! bora bora! you're so lucky! i hope you get the visa! looking forward to your future posts about your trip.. :)

Hi josiet mamang wish ko lang maka go ako Cambodia dapat nga this weekend eh kaya lang sa friday pa yung passaporte ko di ako mapag pabook... pero nga sana punta ako dya sa viente tres

@Jam Gosh Jam you know the feeling na you really really want to go but you have worries na baka ma postpone? LOL may ganyan akong feeling ouchy

Hope youll get your passport soon and makapunta kana ng PP. Antagal naman ng passport processing na yan!??! Nakabalik na ako dito lahat lahat. And hope you get the visa to Bora bora and syempre inggitin mo agad kami sa mga kwento mo, hehe! Mish you!

hay Gands hanuvey! keylan lang kaya ako kumuha LOLs dont worry sa friday ko na getching hahaha 5 years ko na namang pag titiisan ang pg mumukha ko kaloka

Aren't you lucky you are going to Bora bora soon :) How did your appointment go? I hope you will get your visa!!! Best of luck:) Btw is your bf French? I also wonder how you're able to travel frequently considering that you're unemployed? :) xo

Bora Bora is the Cadillac of all Paradises.. You guys have no idea how I wanted to go there but Sadly I can't due to some reasons :-( but anyways I am thankful that I had no high hopes for that supposed trip... I manage not to be hysterical...

Maybe the island Of Bora Bora is not really meant for me.

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