Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My New Online Job

I usually don't Blog about Online jobs because normally it's a bit difficult to get them. There are so many online jobs in the net and there are also so many people wanting to apply the competition is hysterical. A few days ago my super SEO master friend ( she's the one who did some magic in my blog to be searchable) shared a link to me via twitter about this US based site offering Online Jobs, in fairness I ignored it LOL sorry Stiv I was a bit busy that day. Anyways highways dear Blogger friends this site is really cool especially for us with Blogs and websites. I joined tonight and within an hour I can see that I am getting traffic and earning $$$. 

I am an affiliate of Commission Junction and this is also connected with them, I've been serving ads from for a while now and they're legitimate. The good part is that registration is for free and they offer a free job (only one) you may also go for Paid jobs later on if you like where you have to pay to get the premium Job offers Like data entry works and I am really interested about the Copy paste Job sounds very exciting huh? Webmasters Earn Money Here!

Here's a snapshot of my first $16 yey!

Well I am sharing this so that you can also try it! spend a bit of time to read work instructions.. all you need is a bit of HTML chuchu kemidooo and you can start earning. Facebook and twitter can also be helpful. And for my friends with no Blogs you can start your own site and Blogger is for free.. I would appreciate any thoughts from those who tried this and from my fellow Bloggers.. 


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Awesome! I will click on it every other day, Sis! Hahaha, but won't do it all the time, just sporadically. They might catch me doing that for ya. Miss ya, mamang!

Hahahaha hey they have your IP kalurx lang I am enjoying it much!

I signed up. :) Thanks dear!

Yey ang dami na natin hahahaha! cheers! happy blogging

Hi Jogels, did you get my email? :)) I haven't been blogging for a few weeks due to my busy schedules :( This sounds legitimate by the way:) I might give it a try next month when I'm free!! :) xo

I still haven't done this. Totally forgot hehe. Will sign up later bec I have nothing better to do anyway LOL!
Thanks again gands for sharing this.

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