Sunday, June 16, 2013

Accessories And DIY addiction!

Hi there Mutants. Been a while huh? I've been a busy monster, luckily I'm still able to find time with my addiction, my Do it yourself addiction that is.

Few weeks ago, I also started selling accessories forwarding them to stores and individuals locally and I'm really having fun seeing people wear them chos 

and I'm also having fun wearing my own creations char ulit!! It started as a hobby when I was still in high school I spend hours reading DIY books in our library and yes there are DIY and needle craft book that were as thick as the King James Bibble!! Anyways I'm sharing a few shots here mostly taken by yours truly using auto can apps. Philippines is a nice place to experiment with crafts charing!!! 

Muah next time ulit!! And thanks for my new visitors kahit spammers na comments keribells charaught!

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Gands, I actually love your accessories! Where do you sell them?

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